What You Will Learn:

In many ways the film editor is the most misunderstood of all film professionals. Often considered just a film technician, a good editor is, without doubt, much more than that. He or she is also a qualified storyteller of the highest order. Yes, the film editor assembles all of the footage that the director has shot, but it is his/her job to put it together in a manner that will keep the audience guessing and craving more.

It is no wonder that within the film community, a good editor is highly revered, and considered a magician with the power to make or break a film. For this reason, there are two aspects to the Film Connection Film Editing School: the storytelling aspect and the technical aspect. You will learn both. While you apprentice (intern) one-on-one under a professional editor in a post–production facility learning Final Cut Pro, you will also learn storytelling from our structured course curriculum for producers and directors.

Saving, hiding, and quitting in Final Cut Pro
How to begin and organize program elements
How to mark clips
How to use the timeline
How to copy, paste, and cut clips on the timeline
Using the overwrite and insert functions
Dragging and dropping
Starting your rough cut
Working with cutaways and insert shots
Cutting to music and narration
Adding sound to your sequence
Applying video and audio to clips
Trimming techniques
How to use Selection, R Ripple, Slip, Roll, and Slide
Adjusting Edit Points
Transitioning to video and audio tracks
How to create subclips from clips
Reconnecting media in Final Cut Pro
Capturing footage using a deck or camera
Changing motion properties
Working with Key Frames
Creating online sequence
Mixing audio
Exporting to Quicktime
Quicktime conversion
Exporting to tape

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