Experience World-Class Film Education For A Global Career In Media

The Panorama Film AcadeME is the innovator of the mentor/apprentice method of education. The following are some facts you might find helpful while researching which film school is right for you.

The Panorama Film AcadeME was established with one purpose in mind: to help young and aspiring film industry hopefuls break into the business and make connections. We’re here to help you create a career. We want you to be successful. We want you to be a powerhouse. Some of the students that come to us have experience in the film world while some don’t. We’ve created a flexible educational environment to help you grow and get your foot in the door. Our philosophy is very simple; Mentor-ship. That means if you’re looking to be a producer, we pair you with a producer, and you learn the craft of producing.

If you’re looking to have a career as a writer/director, then we pair you with a writer/director who will teach you how to take a story from inception through filming. Our program’s goal is to educate you, help you gain experience, and then get you a job. We want you to be the absolute best there is at what you do. We want you to be next Ang Lee or the next Kevin Smith. The Panorama Film AcadeME knows that nothing is a sure thing, and that’s why we’re putting up as many safety nets as possible. We want you to be able to have support networks already in place for when you need them. Not after.

We have a job placement program already set up to help you find work after you graduate. The Panorama Film AcadeME’s goal is simple. Get you started on your career path.

More Than Just Media Literacy

Seven growing fields of specialization that offer a concerted approach to develop innovative mold breakers in media today

Acting for Film  

Combine traditional techniques of acting for screen and adapt these skills for more diverse roles.

Writing for Screen  

Learn to produce screenplays and scripts that defy clichés and grab attention.

Production Techniques 

Receive all-rounded training in the film production techniques used by award-winning filmmakers today.

Animation and Digital Media

Get access to the most advanced animation technology and sharpen your skills for this rapidly growing genre.

Interactive Media & Game Development

Get the multidimensional skills needed to produce content in game development and interactive media formats.

Audio Engineering

Get the technical expertise to manage live sound for shows, or sound engineering techniques for albums and film sound-tracks.

Panorama Film AcadeME Summer Camp

Collaborate with other aspiring film-makers, hone your skills and practice as you learn in a 3-month summer program.

Let's make great things together!