Inspiring World-Ready Filmmakers

If you’re looking to have a career as a writer/director, then we pair you with a writer/director who will teach you how to take a story from inception through filming. Our program’s goal is to educate you, help you gain experience, and then get you a job. We want you to be the absolute best there is at what you do. We want you to be next Ang Lee or the next Kevin Smith. The Panorama Film AcadeME knows that nothing is a sure thing, and that’s why we’re putting up as many safety nets as possible. We want you to be able to have support networks already in place for when you need them. Not after.

GET A JOB: We have a job placement program already set up to help you find work after you graduate. The Panorama Film AcadeME’s goal is simple; get you started on your career path.


From screenwriting and animation to internship opportunities, our film school programs are designed to give students a propensity towards globally-renowned cinema and an agile skill set both behind and in front of the camera. We offer diverse programs, workshops and practical opportunities for students of filmmaking, preparing them to embark on a life-long journey of learning and creating in the global entertainment media-scape.

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Inspiring World-Ready Filmmakers

At Panorama Film AcadeME, our students are taught to draw inspiration from the world around them, creating media productions that push boundaries, excite audiences and leave a mark in the global digital and cinematic media-scape.



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